To My Fellow Libertarians…

…I’ve heard a fair amount of complaint or concern, some direct and some indirect, about how certain favored or important figures did not get the attention they were thought to deserve. In many cases, I might have to agree and wish I’d had 900 pages to deal with everyone’s story and contribution. (In some cases, I might argue with you.) Many judgements both of contribution and of how certain people fit into what had to be a compelling narrative as opposed to just a collection of names and descriptions played into it as well. HOWEVER….if you are basing any judgement about my book’s lacks merely on looking for people’s names in the index, I beg you to read the book before condemning. For various reasons having to do with the production process of this book as a physicial item, and custom in the industry, I did NOT personally compile the index; and furthermore had only 16 hours in which to both make sure certain earlier changes in the galleys had been made in the final-final pages, AND go over the index (for the first and only time), and do a normal day of work at Reason besides, and try to sleep (since sleep-deprived is now way to do final corrections). While I fixed some omissions and errors in the index, others remain. Just because you don’t see someone’s name in the index, don’t assume they are never mentioned in the book.


One response to “To My Fellow Libertarians…

  1. Brian, thanks for pointing that out. Reading through the book I’ve found the index pretty unreliable. Among the errors you may have already spotted there: The Institute for Humane Studies is listed as The Institute for Human Studies, no “e.”

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