Doherty Takes Manhattan Tonight! And Huge Media Day…

Tonight is the last chance for Manhattanites this week to see me do the talk/read/questions/sign thing about Rads. Tonight being Thursday March 8, when I’m appearing at at 7 pm at the Manhattan Barnes and Noble at Astor Place, on 8th Street between Broadway and Lafayette. Last night’s Lolita Bar event was a huge hoot and huge success, even when the ugly topic of beating dogs to death began dominating the discussion. Thanks for all of you who filled the room and asked the questions and laughed at the laugh lines—I couldn’t have been more pleased with it.

Or with two big, big new media hits for the book this week: Today I am front-page featured at Radar Online, with a fun interview with their ace Shana Ting Lipton. Here’s the story.

In addition, an essay on libertarianism’s past and future derived largely from Rads is the lead essay this month at the Cato Institute’s Cato Unbound web mag; followup essays and debate are a-comin’, and I’ll let you all know about them as soon as they appear.


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