American Conservative Says: “It used to be that a libertarian who grew up became a Republican. Now it might be the other way around.”

And what was the motive? Why, this very interesting and thoughtful review of Radicals for Capitalism, in their March 12, 2007, issue. The review is written by Daniel McCarthy. Here are a couple blurbable bits of praise, though it makes for fascinating reading throughout, on both McCarthy’s own analysis and his skillful summation of the book’s narrative:

Doherty’s book, a massive, fact-packed history of more than five decades of libertarian thought and activism, serves as a reminder that this seemingly future-oriented philosophy has a rich and fascinating past. And what’s more, the libertarians of 30 or more years ago were not always optimists; nor were they progressive even when they were forward-looking….

…..There is much more to Doherty’s book, too much in fact for this review to cover. The author capably limns the differences between the Austrian and Chicago schools of economics, for example. A passing remark on Rand, applying to her the Burkean idea of the “moral imagination”—that is, literature’s ability to shape human ideals and character—is equal parts tantalizing and provocative. And there are dozens, even hundreds, of other threads within Radicals for Capitalism, all of them derived from meticulous research. Despite its flaws, this book is a stunning achievement.


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