Back from New York/More Reviews

The New York trip was a delight. Thanks for all who showed up, whether at Lolita Bar on Wednesday or at Barnes and Noble on Thursday. (I also did an unadvertised, since invite-only, appearance at the Manhattan Institute’s Young Leaders Circle, right before the Lolita Bar event, and thanks to all who were there as well.) I bopped around Manhattan for another couple of days, with hospitality from my current Banned Rehearsal bandmate George and old Jeffersons bandmate Kevin.

Latest review, from this Sunday’s Washington Times, from Doug Bandow, who interviewed me last month on C-SPAN Book TV. Most of the review actually summarizes and shows what the book had to say, but my favorite judgemental excerpt:

Mr. Doherty, an able researcher and writer, has produced a book that is not just readable but enjoyable. Mr. Doherty’s evident passion for his subject makes the book sparkle.

Goal for this week: get some permalinks to all the reviews up. In the meantime, this old entry summarizes, quotes from, and links to many previous reviews.


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