Cato Unbound–The Responses Are All In

I promised to update here as responses to my roundtable-launching Cato Unbound essay “Libertarianism: Past and Prospects” went up, and have been neglectful.

At any rate, now they are ALL up—and it is now my duty to write a response, a duty I’m neglecting EVEN NOW. Here they all are, in order–and I am honored to be in their company, however much we may disagree on this or that. (Two of them–Brink Lindsey and Virginia Postrel–are old bosses of mine, and I’m STILL proud and pleased to be in their company….) Anyway, check out the thoughts on libertarianism and its future from Tyler Cowen, Brink Lindsey, Tom Palmer, and Virginia Postrel. My response soon at Cato Unbound, and I’ll be sure to let you know about it here as soon as it is up.


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