Doherty Hits the Capital This Week

Doing various things in D.C. this week to promote the book, some free-and-open-to-the-public and others not. One that is happens Thursday March 22, a noontime book forum at the Cato Institute in which I talk about the book, superpundit E.J. Dionne comments, and Cato’s David Boaz moderates.  Cato likes RSVPs–here is a link to do so, either online or by phone. They even serve a free lunch afterward—Friedmanite ironies aside. All D.C.ers, some on by.

In other news, Justin Raimondo at has a detailed, though often misguided (mostly about my “stance” on what he calls the radical-pragmatist divide–my book doesn’t have the thesis that he reads into it), review essay about my book.

In other news, five weeks after official release, I’m still hovering in Amazon’s top 1000–which pleases me greatly.


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