Radio Updates–Urgent and Semi-Urgent

I really need a personal assistant these days—OK, in about 20 minutes from posting, I’ll be appearing on the “Sloan Ranger Show” on WGNU-920 AM in St. Louis. Starting sometime around 6:10-6:15ish central (local) time, going on for 15 min or so.

A bunch more coming up tomorrow and Wednesday. Tomorrow, Tuesday March 27, I’ll be on Portland’s Air America affiliate KPOJ-AM (620 on AM dial) from 7 am-7:15 am, the Thom Hartmann (see that link for national syndication areas for the show) show. 


One response to “Radio Updates–Urgent and Semi-Urgent

  1. Just finished your book last night. Amazing the number of characters associated with the movement. What the Orlando FL guy feared in Florida actually has happened twice here in Washington State. Moderate Republican (i.e. more libertarian)candidates lost by whisker thin margins to liberal Democrats in a Senate and governor’s race. In both cases the libertarian vote apparently affected the outcome. As a result the political atmosphere in this state is as leftist as you will see anywhere with more crackpot global warming alarmist and mass transit zealots per square mile than anywhere on earth. Libertarianism is a credible philosopy but on a political party level the term “useful idiots” comes to mind. I enjoyed the book and know it will be a great reference in the future.

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