So Much New Stuff…

…has been going on I have not had time to blog about it. Quickly: Portland and Seattle were both marvelous; thanks especially to Chris Radcliffe in Portland for the hat and the seafood, and to John Rinaldi for being my bodyguard on the trip, and to all who showed up and–especially–bought books.

Front Page Magazine interviewed me about the book, interview conducted by Jamie Glazov. Here it is.

The Orange County Register ran an op-ed spun off the book, about their former publisher R.C. Hoiles. Here it is.

And the goddamn New York Times ran a dumb and hostile review of the book. Why is it dumb? Let David Boaz, Gene Healy, and Will Wilkinson explain why to you, just so you aren’t taking my word for it. Paging Men’s Recovery Project…

I am scheduled to appear at Cody’s in Berkeley CA to talk about and sign the book Sunday April 15 at 4 pm. More later…


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