See Me, Hear Me

The touching and feeling will have to wait for later, sorry.

Here‘s a podcast I did last week for the show “Invisible Hand,” (a business and management program). And here‘s a short video clip from my appearance last month in Berkeley, California.

Jonah Goldberg’s review of Rads in National Review is now online in full as well. And a very wise reader tells Jonah what he failed to explain in that review:

The only problem I have with your review is that it doesn’t adequately convey just how much of an enjoyable read Radicals for Capitalism is. It’s rare to find such a mix of interesting personal stories seamlessly mixed in with heavy analytical and philosophical observations. (I should add, for what it’s worth, that I’m neither a libertarian or a right-wing anarchist, though I’m friendly to such arguments on some economic matters).



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