Chicago Radio, Speeches, New Video and Reviews

I’ll be appearing tomorrow morning, Tuesday July 24, to talk about RADS on the Don Wade and Roma Morning Show, airing on WLS 890 AM in Chicago area, at 8:40 am Central (local) time. You can listen live.

YouTube, that wonder of capitalism, has a bunch of video segments of me talking about RADS to a Clark County Libertarian Party meeting back in May. See herehere, and here, for a start. I had to stand through the whole thing, unexpectedly, so I didn’t really get to consult my notes. It was a little weird, but worked out OK, I think.

I don’t think it’s open to the public if you aren’t already signed up, but I’m giving two RADS-derived talks at Cato University this week as well.

And an interesting blog review just showed up as well, from Nico Dornemann.

I hope this week to get a chance to update all the permalinks so that all the extant reviews, interviews, excerpts, and video are up there for all of eternity, if man is still alive, if woman shall survive. But I have two speeches to perfect.

One of the characters in RADS, Ron Paul, has been getting a fair amount of ink lately for his presidential run. Good show, Rep. Paul.


2 responses to “Chicago Radio, Speeches, New Video and Reviews

  1. You may be interested in the review of your book in the IPA Review (Australia) at

  2. Jerry in Remington, IN

    Teacher, Farmer, Master Degree- Only solutions: Eliminate NAFTA and GATT. Eliminate “created, paper-shuffler jobs. A cow who doesn’t have a calf gives no mil. The farmer fed the cow for a year with no income (calf;milk) so sell the cow.Only income from sovereign nation comes from soil- iron ore, trees, corn etc, NOT FROM PAPER-SHUFFLERS.

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