Mises Review Reviews Rads

From the always valuable David Gordon. He has some nits to pick, to be sure. My main defense from most of his thrusts: acknowledging and quoting people regarding controversies and differences of opinion in a very contentious movement in a work of journalistic history does not, to my mind, mean that I am myself taking sides or am required in my own authorial voice to give a deep personal assessment on the validity of the controversial position; it is merely being fair to the historical record of the controversies. As I think should be abundantly clear to any reader of the book, my respect for, say, Ron Paul and Murray Rothbard is huge; and especially in the latter case the book gives all the information needed for the reader to make draw conclusions as to the validity of those–and David knows they are many–in the movement who think less of Rothbard than I do, or than David does.


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