ISI Reviews Rads

In its new and interesting web journal First Principles, the Institute for Intercollegiate Studies (whose early history as the “Intercollegiate Society for Individualists” is related in Rads) has Gregory Schneider (who himself wrote a very good book about right-wingers in the ’60s, Cadres for Conservatism) review Rads, and nicely too I might add. The blurby quotes:

….massively pleasurable history, Radicals for Capitalism. Everything you ever wanted to know about libertarianism (literally)—and some things you didn’t want to know—is covered in this enthralling volume, ….. I would be remiss not to say that Doherty has done for libertarianism what George H. Nash did a long time ago for conservatism—he has provided a comprehensive narrative of the history of modern libertarianism. Like Nash’s work, Doherty’s volume is authoritative without being dull and dry.


……the freedom movement Doherty describes will continue to attract radicals and individualists ready to man the barricades against the power of the state. Considering the usual eccentricities of libertarians, they may even be dropping acid while doing so.

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