The Paperback is here! Plus two new reviews

A few boxes of it arrived from my fine publishers PublicAffairs just today. Looks elegant, and on very thin paper so that even with its heft (intellectual, of course) it’s still a highly portable and convenient object.

Buy it today!

Also, two new reviews have come to my attention, a lengthy and comprehensive (and positive) one from the IPA Review, the journal of Australia’s Institute of Public Affairs, and another from the libertarian movement’s most venerable publication, The Freeman, written by one of its most venerable and observant voices, Bettina Bien Greaves. Scroll down a bit in the link for that one; it’s the second review on the page, which contains all the book reviews from the April 2008 issue.

2 responses to “The Paperback is here! Plus two new reviews

  1. I just grabbed a copy of ‘This is Burning Man’ off the Sony eBook Store for my eBook Reader. I hope Radicals will be added soon. I already have a hardback copy but its a bit big to lug around and I do most of my reading on the move.

  2. I recently purchased an Amazon Kindle and would like to see Radicals for Capitalism available for it.

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