RADS in the New Republic

A long entertaining feature piece reporting from May’s 2008 Libertarian Party convention by Michael Idov in the New Republic quotes RADS:

As Brian Doherty writes in his definitive 741-page tome, Radicals for Capitalism, being a libertarian means “sailing on seas of opposition and indifference with an often bizarre and difficult bunch of shipmates.” The movement’s embrace of personal freedom is wide enough to welcome a Wall Street wing concerned mostly with deregulation; a sci-fi contingent dreaming of space colonies and immortality; a sizable anarchist (or “minarchist”) faction preaching dissolution of almost all federal agencies; and, in the last few years, a steady, surly influx of 9/11 “truthers.”

Also, a feature I wrote for Reason on libertarian science fiction hero Robert Heinlein has been nominated for a Southern California Journalism Award in “Best Entertainment News and Feature” in the magazine division. The award banquet is tonight, and I’ll be there to represent for Reason‘s 16 nominations and I hope make some walks to the dais to collect.

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