Rads as “book of the year”

Journalist Alex Massie (who has written for The Scotsman, The Daily Telegraph, The New Republic, National Review Online, The Sunday Telegraph, Scotland on Sunday, The Sunday Business Post, among others) fingers RADS as “book of the year.”

Liveblogging Rads, and Blogroll Organizational Update

Over at the nifty libertarian news and analysis site Last Free Voice, Alex Peak is liveblogging his reading of Rads. Check out his first entry.

Also, I’ve finally figured out how to reorganize and update the blogroll to the right properly, with loads of new permalinks to the op-eds and excerpts spun off the book (7 so far), print interviews with me about the book (6 so far), reviews (23 so far), and online clips of video interviews and speeches. Should have more of those to add, and some audio interview clips as well, but at least you now know what everything is.

Financial Times Loves Rads, Florida radio tomorrow

The Financial Times selected RADS as one of their most notable books in the area of politics and religion for 2007. Here’s the link—RADS came in third. Requires registration, but here’s what they said: “Brian Doherty’s sympathetic, well-informed and endlessly entertaining tour traces the ways in which American libertarianism punches above its weight.”

Also, tomorrow morning, Thursday Dec. 20, I’ll be doing a half hour of Rads chatter on the radio in with Burnie Thompson, 101.1 FM covering northwest Florida. It’s going to be at 8:07 am their local time, which in CENTRAL. Adjust accordingly for those in other time zones. For me, it means I’ll be awake and on the radio at 6:07 a.m. Here’s their website, for internet listening.

Mises Review Reviews Rads

From the always valuable David Gordon. He has some nits to pick, to be sure. My main defense from most of his thrusts: acknowledging and quoting people regarding controversies and differences of opinion in a very contentious movement in a work of journalistic history does not, to my mind, mean that I am myself taking sides or am required in my own authorial voice to give a deep personal assessment on the validity of the controversial position; it is merely being fair to the historical record of the controversies. As I think should be abundantly clear to any reader of the book, my respect for, say, Ron Paul and Murray Rothbard is huge; and especially in the latter case the book gives all the information needed for the reader to make draw conclusions as to the validity of those–and David knows they are many–in the movement who think less of Rothbard than I do, or than David does.

In Portland tomorrow talking Rads, with the great James Bovard

I’ll be appearing, along with longtime libertarian journalist and gadfly James Bovard (author of many great books, most recently Attention Deficit Democracy), at a Freedom Seminar tomorrow (Saturday Nov. 10) in the Portland, Oregon area. (One of my very first published bits of libertarian related writing was a review of his great book on farm policy, The Farm Fiasco.)

“Freedom’s Fate: Bearish or Bullish” is the name of the overall event. My two talks are “The Libertarian/Right-Wing Split” (at 9:30 a.m.) and “Why Studying the Libertarian Movement’s History Made Me Optimistic About Its Future” (at 1:30 p.m.)

James Bovard’s blog.

Full information, address and agenda for the event at the Crowne Plaza Hotel at 14811 Kruse Oaks Blvd (technically in Lake Oswego OR) here. The cost is $45 at the door including lunch. I hope to see many of you there. Especially you.

On CNN Headline News Glenn Beck Show Tonight

Rads isn’t mentioned, but its a fun little three minute block about an important libertarian issue, civil liberties in the age of terror. Will air sometime in the Glenn Beck Show hour—it airs three times, 7 pm est/9 pm est/midnight est. Adjust for your time zone.

I Write on Rand in the Wall St. Journal, Talk on Libertarianism and the Family on Australian Radio

The Wall Street Journal ran an op-ed  by me Saturday on what the right could learn from Ayn Rand, one of the heroines of Rads.

I’ll be on the radio on the Michael Duffy Show on Australia’s ABC National Radio today at 3 pm pacific time, debating with Kay Hymowitz regarding her review of Rads in Commentary. Here’s my response to her from Reason’s web site.